Hallowe'en B1 French Level Test

11 Hallowe'en-themed questions to spot test your B1 French!. Skip any questions if you're unsure.
  1. 1
    Pensez-vous que les fantômes existent ? - Oui, nous pensons. (Do you think ghosts exist? -Yes, we think so.)
  2. 2
    Les citrouilles tu as décorées sont magnifiques ! (The pumpkins that you decorated are amazing!)
  3. 3
    How would you say "When he gets here, we'll go trick-or-treating." ?
  4. 4
    Ma copine et moi les zombies les plus pathétiques de la soirée ! (My girlfriend and I will be the most pathetic zombies at the party!) HINT: Conjugate "être" in Le Futur
  5. 5
    Tu ne veux pas savoir je pense de ton costume. (You don't want to know what I think of your costume.)
  6. 6
    Le déguisement me va le mieux est celui de Catwoman. (The costume that fits me the best is the Catwoman one.)
  7. 7
    Les magiciennes dans les bois cueillir des baies empoisonnées. (The magicians will go into the woods to pick poisoned berries.) HINT: Conjugate "aller" in Le Futur
  8. 8
    Après avoir bu la potion, la Reine instantanément. (After drinking the potion, the Queen will grow old instantly.) HINT: Conjugate "vieillir" in Le Futur
  9. 9
    Se déguiser est
    que de rester à la maison le soir d'Halloween. (To get dressed up is better than staying at home on Halloween night.)
  10. 10
    How would you say "She escaped from the house screaming." ?
  11. 11
    Si j'étais un vampire, je n' que des animaux. (If I was a vampire, I would only attack animals.) HINT: Conjugate "attaquer" in Le Conditionnel Présent