Whether you call it Roland-Garros or the French Open, if you're a tennis lover, you won't want to miss this French audio article about the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay courts.

Scroll down to the bilingual Reader for the French transcript - click any phrase for the English translation and related grammar lessons.

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Q&A relating to this exercise


Kwiziq community member

14 June 2019

0 replies

Pourquoi est le subjonctif employé dans la phrase: il n’y ait pas de jeu décisif....?


Kwiziq community member

5 June 2019

1 reply

This listening audio seems to be about the French language, not about the French Open


Kwiziq language super star

5 June 2019


Bonjour Michele !

Indeed, thanks to you, the right sudio file has been uploaded :)

Merci et bonne journée !

Let me take a look at that...