Describing yourself

How to describe yourself physically, using simple adjectives


Grand Tall (masc)
Tu es You are
Roux Ginger (masc)
Vous êtes You are
Brune Brown-haired (fem)
Brun Brown-haired (masc)
Blonde Blonde (fem)
Blond Blonde (masc)
Laide Ugly (fem)
Grosse Big (fem)
Petite Small (fem)
Grande Tall (fem)
Laid Ugly (masc)
Belle Beautiful (fem)
Beau Handsome
Mince Slim
Gros Big (masc)
Petit Small (masc)
Rousse Ginger (fem)
Long Long (masc)
Court Short (masc)
Frisés Curly
Raides Straight
Les yeux Eyes
Les cheveux Hair
Je suis I am


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