Describing your house

How to say how many rooms they are in your house, and what is in them, using "il y a" and simple nouns and adjectives


Petit Small (masc)
Zéro Zero
La cuisine The kitchen
Belle Beautiful (fem)
Neuf Nine
Il y a There is
Petite Small (fem)
Huit Eight
Au rez-de-chaussée On the ground floor
Beau Beautiful (masc)
Sept Seven
Au premier étage On the first floor
Grand Big (masc)
Six Six
Le bureau The office
Grande Big (fem)
Cinq Five
Les toilettes The toilets
Quatre Four
La salle à manger The dining room
Trois Three
Le jardin Garden
Deux Two
Le garage The garage
Un One
Une pièce A room
Dix Ten
La salle de bains The bathroom
La chambre The bedroom
Le salon The living room
Dans ma maison In my house
Il y a There are


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