Describing your city

How to say what you find in your city, general places, using "il y a"


Le centre-ville The town centre
La mairie The town hall
Dans ma ville In my city
Le parc The park
Une église A church
Le centre commercial The shopping centre
Zéro Zero
Le supermarché The supermarket
Petit Small (masc)
Le restaurant The restaurant
Belle Beautiful (fem)
La banque The bank
Neuf Nine
Le cinéma The cinema
Il y a There is
La boulangerie The bakery
Petite Small (fem)
La poste The post office
Huit Eight
Une école A school
Beau Beautiful (masc)
Sept Seven
Grand Big (masc)
Six Six
Cinq Five
Grande Big (fem)
Quatre Four
Trois Three
Deux Two
Un One
Dix Ten
Il y a There are


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