Last Christmas

Say what you did on last Christmas day, using reflexive verbs in the passe compose and adverbs


Prudemment Carefully
Doucement Slowly
Secrètement Secretly
Silencieusement Silently
Rapidement Quickly
Vite Quickly
Ouvrir To open
Découvrir To discover
Se lever To get up
Se réveiller To wake up
Tôt Early
Tard Late
Ce jour-là That day
Joyeux Noël ! Merry Christmas!
Le jour de Noël On Christmas Day
Se coucher To go to bed
S'approcher de To get closer to
S'habiller To get dressed
Le sapin de Noël The Christmas tree
Les cadeaux The presents
La cheminée The fireplace
S'écrier To shout
S'amuser To have fun
Offrir To offer
Donner To give


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