Last Easter

Say what you did last Easter, using passe compose and imperfect for your opinion


C'était It was
Super Super
Génial Great
Passionnant Exciting
Amusant Funny
Difficile Difficult
Facile Easy
Décorer To decorate
La chasse aux oeufs Egghunt
Un œuf An egg
Un oeuf en chocolat A chocolate egg
Entendre To hear
Les cloches The bells
Les oeufs de Pâques Easter eggs
À Pâques At Easter
Trouver To find
Réussir à To manage to
Le panier The basket
Dévorer To devour
Délicieux Delicious
Perdre To lose
Fatiguant Tiring
Mais But
Chercher To look for
Finir To finish


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