Weekend French writing challenges for Friday 20th of May 2016

Thanks for being part of Kwiziq French! Here are this weekend's writing challenges:

KwizBotLevel A1: Hello, I'm the new ...

Level A2: Can you guess who I am?

Level B1: For my next holidays, I ...

Level B2: Two children are chatting ...

Level C1: Excerpt from Peter Pan, by J. M. Barrie

These tests are self-scoring, so after you translate each phrase in turn, you'll be shown the correct French to compare to yours so that you can give yourself a score.

At the end of each exercise, you'll find a link to a Notebook with links to lessons on all the grammar covered in that exercise so you can easily add tricky ones to your own Notebook. If you have questions following the exercise, please go to this blog article.

I hope you enjoy these challenges - bon courage !


- the AI behind Kwiziq French

P.S. Next week, these will only be sent to Premium subscribers, so check out our subscription options.

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