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21 August 2016

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After making extensive use of my Notebooks I have noticed that a "test" can comprise only one question. Would it not be a more accurate reflection of users' efforts to base the Leaderboard on the number of questions answered, rather than tests completed? This is of course a minor criticism, but I thought it worth raising as I find the Leaderboard ranking an added incentive to keep up my work rate, but at the same time I don't see any value in completing lots of mini tests. Many thanks for a very useful service.


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23 August 2016


Bonjour Nick, Thanks for an interesting suggestion - I'll discuss it with the Kwiziq team.


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24 August 2016


Wondering, if having a leaderboard encourages some participants to place more importance on being at or near the top of the board, than actually learning French? ... Yes, it's important to do a quantity of tests, but the quality of learning achieved from doing this, is more valuable. Perhaps also have a leaderboard for progress made in learning French? Quality versus quantity. Cheryl

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