se promener: taking a walk/ having a walk


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22 June 2016

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se promener: taking a walk/ having a walk

We are having a walk in the Central Park - "Nous faisons une promenade dans Central Park"- the answer is marked wrong; "Nous promenons"is said right. I thought 'taking a walk' and 'having a walk' mean same. Request clarification. P.S. By mistake I submitted this question as reporting error in the question. Regrets


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28 June 2016


Bonjour Yellamaraju !

I've checked and your answer was marked as Partially correct because you wrote "faisons une promonade" and not "une promenade".

You reporting straight on the question is actually the best way for this type of enquiry, as it enables us to find the specific question more easily!

Merci et à bientôt !

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