April News - just wow!

Lots of exciting news to share. (We’ve had so much going on, I haven’t had time to write a blog post for y’all since our Valentine’s Day cartoon. Not even time for an April Fool’s joke but you can read last year’s if you want.)

TL;DR shortcuts to what’s in this post for the impatient:

Everyone’s going French test crazy!
New feature: Freeform questions expanded and smarter
New feature: Smart Search
New feature: Grammar example emails
Teacher and online educator tools
We’re fundraising (and you can invest…)

Everyone’s Going French Test Crazy!

Just wow. We had a record number of subscribers in March, and just look at this
exponential graph of the number of French tests people are taking. Looks like people have figured just how effective the Kwiziq learning system is and are going test crazy!

Total French Tests taken since we launched.

Total French tests taken since we launched.

Although we’ve not blogged much, we have been busy releasing new features:

New Feature: Freeform Questions Expanded and Smarter

Kwiziq is now smarter about serving you freeform text questions (as opposed to multiple choice questions) when it thinks you’re confident enough to have a go at typing. We’ve also expanded these to a much wider range of topics. As a result, you’ll get these much more, and your Kwiziq Scores can be much higher. See the FAQ for more info.

New Feature: Smart Search

You may have noticed there’s a search bar on your learning Dashboard. You can use this to find grammar lessons (which you can add to your Notebook to get more control over what you practise). The search will also retrieve matching vocabulary and examples with audio using search terms. Give it a whirl!

New Feature: Grammar Example Emails

Chances are you’ve already seen this awesome new feature. It’s still quite experimental, so apologies if it’s not quite right yet, but we’ve had fantastic feedback from students so far. Kwiziq analyses your French Brainmap and picks a grammar lesson – with examples – it thinks you’ll benefit from studying, and emails it to you! If you stop testing, these emails dwindle in frequency, but if you test a lot, they increase to match your study.

Teacher and Online Educator Tools

Kwiziq is designed to work with teachers, schools and online educators and we’re very close to releasing these tools. If you are interested in becoming a Kwiziq Education Partner and taking advantage of our smart learning technology, get in touch – Kwiziq’s Teacher Tools are free!

We’re Fundraising (and You Can Invest…)

You may not realise it, but until now, Kwiziq has been an entirely privately funded venture. Things are going so well we’ve decided it’s time to raise some money to help us accelerate and expand into new languages and launch two apps. We’ve decided to crowdfund and will announce more very soon.

Exciting times!


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