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I love Kwiziq. I don't think I’ve ever enjoyed learning as much. It’s just so much fun to reach new levels and rack up the diamonds. I can finally carry on a conversation in French without embarrassing myself!

— Walter Barquist

Are you struggling with…


Not being confident enough in French to speak with natives and hold meaningful conversations?


Boring ‘textbook' language learning programs that make it difficult to stay motivated?

Basic apps

Language apps that only cover the basics and don't help you get past the beginner phase?

10 times faster

40% of our surveyed learners say they build fluency up to 10 times faster with Kwiziq*

Is Kwiziq for me?

Learn your way with a dynamic, personal study plan that gives you the right lessons at the right time, all written by expert French teachers.

Stay motivated with real time reports and a detailed Brainmap that show exactly the progress you're making.

Follow your own schedule – anytime, anywhere.

Build confidence by targeting weak areas and concepts you have mislearned.

Focus on real-life language skills.

Find your fluent


Don't waste time re-learning the basics. After a quick French level test, Kwizbot, your AI language coach, identifies what you know and what you need to learn and creates your personalised path to fluency.


Your personal study plan evolves continually as you learn. Using a research-based methodology and regular micro challenges to measure your progress, Kwizbot helps you to efficiently close gaps in your knowledge and build on what you know.


Get immediate feedback on how to improve so that you're always learning new stuff and always progressing. Plus, challenging kwizzes, engaging exercises, and leaderboards keep you motivated and inspired.

Thanks to Kwiziq, I am now able to listen to videos, read books,… and talk to real people in French and Spanish. Your programs are outstanding… in the advanced analysis of [my] language acquisition provided in the Brainmap.

— Catriona Talbot

For all kinds of learners

I’m an avid traveller

I want to go beyond the greetings and ‘touristy’ questions. I don’t want to just speak French, I want to be fluent enough to build meaningful connections and experience the culture of the communities I travel to.

I’m an expat

I’m creating a new life in a French-speaking country and immersing myself in the culture is important to me. I want to run errands, deal with local affairs, connect with native speakers and build relationships through the power of fluency.

I’m a test-taker

I’m enrolled in a course or about to take an official French exam and looking for extra support to help improve my test scores and overall fluency. I know that practice makes perfect and having supplemental resources to find my fluency is important to me.

I’m a language enthusiast

I’m a passionate language learner. I’ve learnt other languages before and am familiar with the hurdles of the language learning journey. I love deep-diving into new cultures and mastering the grammar and technical aspects of a language.

I want to strengthen a relationship

My partner, friend or family member speaks French natively. I want to strengthen this relationship by being able to confidently discuss everyday topics, understand cultural cues and accurately convey my own feelings, opinions and thoughts.

I'll be right with you...