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Practise your French writing skills with our ever-growing collection of interactive French writing exercises for every CEFR level from A0 to C1! If you're unsure about your current proficiency, try our test to get your French level before diving into the exercises.

French writing exercise with Answer

All writing exercises are made by our qualified native French teachers to help you improve your writing skills and confidence.

Kwizbot will give you a series of prompts to translate to French. He’ll show you where you make mistakes as you go along and will suggest related lessons for you.

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A1: Beginner French writing exercises

  • A Christmas feast
    Sébastien is in charge of Christmas Eve Dinner this year.
  • A French lunch menu
    Here's the typical lunch menu of a French coffee shop.
  • A French woman
    Élodie tells us about her everyday life as a lawyer specialising in women's rights.
  • A day in my cat Max's life
    Juliette tells about her cat's daily routine.
  • A day in the city of Le Mans
    Audrey had a nice time visiting Le Mans, in northwestern France.
  • A dream
    Geoffrey tells us about one of his dreams.
  • A love story
    Cécile and Andrew meet in a bar.
  • A rainy afternoon
    Soizic and Armelle meet up on a rainy day in Brest.
  • A romantic Valentine
    Henri tells us about his special plans for Valentine's Day.
  • A winter meal
    Bernard has his perfect comfort meal for cold nights.
  • Actress Anne Dorval
    Claire tells us about her favourite actress, French-Canadian Anne Dorval.
  • Anne's Easter loot
    Anne lists all the treats she found during her Easter egg hunt.
  • Annoying Things
    Philippe and Julien share some of the things that really annoy them.
  • Arnaud and Ophélie describe themselves
    Arnaud and Ophélie describe themselves physically.
  • At midnight
    Sébastien's family celebrates Christmas on the evening of the 24th.
  • At the beach
    Conversation at the beach between an ice cream vendor and a customer.
  • At the beach
    Tom is telling us about his day at the beach.
  • At the bookshop
    François needs help choosing a book.
  • At the gift shop
    Mike and Linda pick some souvenirs in a Montmartre gift shop.
  • At the newsagent's
    Sophie is buying a few items at a French newsagent's.
  • At the sporting goods store
    Alain is buying tennis equipment for his son.
  • Baby at the beach
    Baby enjoys being at the beach with his family.
  • Back to School
    Mathieu tells us about going back to school tomorrow.
  • Ball Sports
    Vincent and Leila discuss their favourite ball sports.
  • Beyoncé
    The famous singer introduces herself.
  • Board games
    Jonathan is playing board games with his family.
  • Booking a hotel room
    Pierre wants to book a room in a hotel.
  • Can I come?
    Marie chats with her roommate's friend Damien.
  • Cleaning with my family
    Jonathan and his family are cleaning the house today!
  • Corsica is beautiful!
    Julien explains why he thinks Corsica is so beautiful.
  • Do you like the French language?
    Noémie and Léo have opposite opinions on the French language!
  • Do you like theme parks?
    Louis and Zoé give their opposite opinions on theme parks.
  • Driving in the city
    Sophie and Christophe talk about driving in city centres [US: downtown].
  • Easter decorations
    Alice and her sister Zoé are decorating their house for Easter.
  • Easter preparations
    Today, Daniel and his pupils are getting ready for Easter.
  • Exchanging a scarf
    Christine is returning a scarf to the shop
  • Father of two
    Léon talks about his two beloved children.
  • Filling in a form
    Olivier answers questions from a form.
  • Food shopping for a picnic
    Daniel and Aline are buying food for a picnic.
  • Gardening with Jacqueline
    Julia always loves to take care of her aunt's garden with her.
  • Going on a diet
    Marie has a plan to lose weight this year.
  • Going shopping
    Annie and Nicolas discuss her upcoming trip to the shop.
  • Hanukkah with my family
    Rachelle celebrates Hanukkah with her family every year.
  • Hello! I'm Mario!
    The famous plumber introduces himself.
  • Hello, my name is France!
    The country France introduces itself.
  • Helping my neighbourhood
    Noémie likes helping her neighbours after school.
  • Helping the planet
    François does his best to help the planet in his everyday life.
  • How to stay healthy
    Matthieu tells us about his healthy habits.
  • How to vote at a polling station in France?
    Learn how to vote in a French election.
  • I hate the rain!
    Annie stays in on rainy days

A2: Lower Intermediate French writing exercises

  • A Creole picnic
    During a visit to La Réunion, Julie and Léo went for a typical Creole meal.
  • A family of dog lovers
    Anthony had many dogs growing up, but Pip was special.
  • A few days in Dordogne
    Monique tells Patrick about her coming holiday [US: vacation].
  • A football accident
    Anthony had his friend Bruno over to play...
  • A great party for Mum [US:Mom]!
    Manon and her sister Aline treated their mother for Mother's Day.
  • A nice train journey
    Lucie and her boyfriend Marc went to the countryside by train this weekend.
  • A noisy hotel room
    Bertrand complains to the hotel reception about noises during the night.
  • A romantic trip to Paris
    Anna took her boyfriend on a romantic trip to Paris.
  • A romantic weekend away
    Aline and her boyfriend went away for a relaxing weekend.
  • Afternoon ice cream
    Lucie and Greg feel like an ice cream this afternoon.
  • An Easter egg hunt
    Discover where Julien and his siblings found their Easter eggs!
  • Arriving at the hotel
    Aline checks into her Parisian hotel.
  • At my best friend's wedding
    Patrick gives a toast at Stéphane's wedding.
  • At rapper Soprano's concert
    Romain was thrilled to finally see his idol Soprano live!
  • At the Chinese restaurant
    James is ordering food in a Chinese restaurant.
  • At the New Year's Eve House Party
    Mathieu welcomes his guest at his New Year's Eve house party.
  • At the allergist's
    Pierre went to the allergist to get a diagnosis.
  • At the bar
    Au bar Patricia and Samuel discuss what drinks they want to order.
  • At the bureau de change
    Patrick needs to change some dollars upon arriving in Paris.
  • At the dermatologist's
    Manon needs help with her eczema.
  • At the farmers' market
    Stéphane enjoys a visit to his local farmers' market.
  • At the grocery store
    Julie and Frank need some things from the grocery store.
  • At the medieval market in Orléans
    Flora and Sami enjoy Orléans's medieval market.
  • At the mountain restaurant
    Gérard and Sylvie stop for lunch after their mountain hike.
  • At the post office
    Christophe has a few errands to run at the post office.
  • At the shoe store
    Christine is looking for a pair of shoes with the help of a nice sales assistant.
  • Bastille Day in the South of France
    Bernard tells us about celebrating Bastille Day last summer.
  • Bedtime stories
    Florian remembers the bedtime ritual he had with his daughter.
  • Breakfast in the sun
    Sabrina surprised Thomas with a nice breakfast on the balcony.
  • Calling the hotel's room service
    Valérie calls room service from her hotel room.
  • Chocolate mousse cooking tips!
    André gives us some tips to make the perfect chocolate mousse.
  • Conversation on the plane
    Pascal and Julie get acquainted on a flight to Montpellier.
  • Cooking as a family
    Yesterday, Antoine and his family made tartiflette together.
  • Dividing the restaurant bill
    Isabelle and her friends are splitting the bill at the restaurant.
  • Do you have a favourite male singer?
    Simone and Amélie are talking about their favourite French-speaking male singers.
  • Do you have any dirty clothes?
    Bastien and his mother debate the need for a dirty laundry basket.
  • Driving in France
    Here are a few things to be aware of when driving in France!
  • Fireworks
    Juliette went to watch New Year's fireworks yesterday.
  • Fishing with Dad
    Benjamin went fishing with his father last Sunday.
  • Getting to know each other
    New colleagues Julien and Olivier get to know each other over a coffee.
  • Giving up tobacco
    Amélie has stopped smoking and she's so happy about it!
  • Holiday [US: Vacation] by the sea
    Édouard remembers his childhood seaside holidays [US: vacations] in the south of France.
  • I love autumn!
    Jacqueline tells us what she loves to do in the fall.
  • I love my grandmother!
    Lucas tells us about his lovely grandmother.
  • I prefer going skiing
    Pierre tells us why he prefers going skiing rather than beach holidays.
  • In a taxi
    Magalie needs her taxi to take her for a few errands.
  • In the changing rooms
    Mélanie is trying on a dress... and testing Pierre's patience!
  • Instagram love
    Julien and Sandra became famous thanks to their Instagram account.
  • Instructions for a test
    Teacher Marc read out the instructions for today's French test.
  • Jojo is such a joker!
    Thomas talks about his school friend Jojo, who loves a joke.

B1: Intermediate French writing exercises

  • A French April Fool's
    Cécile and her sons are making the traditional French fish for April Fool's day.
  • A Horror Story
    On a dark October night, Emma received a disturbing call...
  • A childhood passion
    Vincent and his brother loved video games growing up.
  • A clichéd break-up
    François uses all the clichéd breakup lines to leave his girlfriend Sophie.
  • A family day at the park
    Benoît will spend this Saturday at the park with his daughter Mia.
  • A game of hide and seek
    Linda and Christian are watching from afar a game of hide and seek between the children.
  • A good work routine
    Marc plans to improve his work routine.
  • A greener future
    Julien is seeing a future where people are more eco-conscious.
  • A special Monday
    Anna is looking forward to a lazy Easter Monday!
  • A strange encounter
    Yoann had the strangest encounter in the Broceliande forest!
  • A trip to the cinema
    Antoine and his daughter Emma are planning a trip to the movies.
  • A weather forecast
    Find out what tomorrow's weather will be like.
  • A weekend in Montpellier
    Élise and Lucas plan their weekend in the southern French city.
  • An amazing New Year's Eve meal
    Henriette is planning a dazzling meal for New Year!
  • An annoying cat allergy
    Éloïse suffers from an annoying cat allergy.
  • An incredibly caring boy
    Lydia's son, Olivier, is such a caring person.
  • An old scary tradition
    Yoann recalls celebrating the old Celtic tradition of Samhain with his Gran.
  • Animal emergency
    Julien's cat is stuck in the tree!
  • Around the world by motorcycle
    Joël would love to travel the world on his motorcycle.
  • Artist Chéri Chérin
    Learn about the amazing Congolese artist Chéri Chérin.
  • Asking about a hotel room
    Catherine has a few questions about the hotel room she's booked.
  • At the amusement park
    Thomas will go to the amusement park with his friend Samia for their birthday this year.
  • At the doctor's
    Robert goes to the doctor for a consultation.
  • At the till
    Peter is at the till [US: cash register] of a French supermarket.
  • Becoming a model
    Enjoy some useful tips on becoming a model.
  • Birthday makeover
    "New year, new me" Julia thought on her 20th birthday.
  • Busy Schedule
    Isabelle recaps what everyone will have to do on Saturday!
  • Camping at home
    Gabriel and Rose are making plans for the weekend.
  • Cathy's future holiday [US: vacation] in Montpellier
    Learn about Cathy's plan to spend her holiday [US: vacation] in Montpellier.
  • Christmas in the mountains
    Antoine will spend Christmas at his dad's house in the Alps, if he can get there!
  • Christmas specialities
    Paul tells us about some traditional French Christmas dishes.
  • Conversation between the election's two rounds
    Marc explains the French presidential election process to his friend Alice.
  • Corsican polyphonic singing
    Do you know about this bewitchingly melodic tradition from Corsica?
  • Cycling in Nantes
    Isabelle agrees with Nantes's status as France's "cycling capital".
  • Dalida
    Learn about Dalida, an iconic French-speaking singer.
  • Dealing with your emotions
    Here's a guide to keeping calm.
  • Discussing a ski weekend
    Laurent and his friend Matt are planning their ski weekend.
  • Dreaming of Paris
    Grégory imagines his ideal Valentine's Day's proposal.
  • Easter baking class
    Flora and Yvan enjoy decorating their Easter chocolate bunnies.
  • Family holiday car trip
    Let the squabbles begin!
  • Flying anxiety
    Jean-Luc has a plan to deal with his fear of flying.
  • Following the GPS
    Follow this GPS's instructions to reach your destination.
  • Getting ready for autumn
    Rosalie won't get caught out by the arrival of autumn this year.
  • Giving up smoking
    François tells us how he managed to stop smoking.
  • Going back in time
    Marine asks Amanda, Bruno and Sébastien what they would do if they could go back in time.
  • Going to the bank
    Flora and her father need to go to the bank.
  • How to share household chores equally
    Follow Céline's tips to share household chores more equally.
  • I love swimming!
    Thomas tells us about his love for swimming and his hope to one day dive from up high!
  • I miss French food!
    Hélène tells Betty how she's coping with missing French food abroad.
  • I want to help!
    Suzanne wishes she had more time to help others.

B2: Upper Intermediate French writing exercises

  • "Amélie": my favourite film!
    Lisa explains why "Amélie" is her favourite film.
  • A History of French TV
    Learn some interesting facts about the beginnings of French TV.
  • A busy weekend ahead
    Olivier sums up his busy schedule for the weekend.
  • A day in the countryside
    Marie spent last weekend in the countryside with her daughters.
  • A great Advent calendar
    Find out how to make a unique Advent calendar.
  • A great passion for reading
    Florence talks about her grandmother's passion for books.
  • A nice morning surprise
    Lucie will serve a delicious breakfast in bed to her fiancée on their anniversary.
  • A nice table "à la française"
    Jacqueline explains the intricacies of setting the table the French way.
  • A nightmare journey
    Josiane and Robert explain why they're an hour late to their friends' place.
  • A perfect interview
    Léo's just had the best job interview of his life!
  • A slippery drive
    Richard struggled to get to work this morning: everything was frozen!
  • At the football [US: soccer] game
    Henri took his dad to a football [US:soccer] game for Father's Day.
  • At the neighbours' house
    Véronique and Bruno are at their neighbours' house for an aperitif.
  • Bad Movie Review
    Bernadette delivers a scathing movie review.
  • Barbara
    Laëtitia talks about her passion for fascinating French singer Barbara.
  • Bayonne, France's chocolate capital
    Learn why Bayonne is considered the French capital of chocolate.
  • Brasserie La Coupole
    Vincent always eats here when he's in Paris.
  • British National Museums
    National museums are free in the UK, as Paul happily found out.
  • Building a snowman
    Martine and Bastien enjoyed building a snowman.
  • Camping with your dog
    Patrick gives us some advice on taking your dog camping with you.
  • Catherine Ségurane: a local heroine
    Toni, a tourist guide from Nice talks about local legend Catherine Ségurane.
  • City vs dog poop
    Alain and Pauline discuss the city's measures to fight against dog waste.
  • Composting is awesome!
    Elsa explains composting to her friend Pierre.
  • Congratulations on your degree!
    Thomas's aunt and uncle send him an email to congratulate him on getting his Master degree.
  • Conversation between friends
    Friends Simon and Isabelle are catching up.
  • Couples' annoying habits
    Olivier gets so annoyed by the way couples behave sometimes!
  • Easter, a family celebration
    François and his family celebrate the religious holiday of Easter.
  • Family Reunion
    At a family reunion, Lea sees her aunt Patricia for the first time in years.
  • Finding the perfect anniversary gift
    Jean-Paul is listing his gift ideas for his wife on their anniversary.
  • Food shopping in farm shops
    Find out the advantages and disadvantages of food shopping in a farm shop.
  • French Easter specialties
    Discover some of France's regional Easter specialties.
  • French-style lemon tart recipe
    Follow the recipe to make a delicious lemon tart.
  • Garip Ay's amazing paintings
    Jean-Pierre tells us about the work of this fascinating Turkish artist.
  • Getting ready for the holiday [US: vacation]
    Bastien and Alicia are getting ready for tomorrow's departure.
  • Giving back
    Especially during the holiday season, it's good to give back to those less fortunate than us...
  • Going lily-of-the-valley picking
    Jean-Pierre's family goes to pick lily-of-the-valley every year.
  • Heatwave
    A weather forecast on one of the hottest days of the year.
  • High cost of cigarette packaging change
    Learn about the cost of the new policy on cigarette packaging in France.
  • I can't find my shirt!
    Claire and Julien are almost ready to go out...except for Julien's missing shirt!
  • In a clothes store
    Patrick complains to the sales assistant about a defective item.
  • In the return taxi
    Aline talks about her trip with the taxi driver on her way back to the airport.
  • Long time no see!
    Marina and her cousin Tom catch up after quite a while.
  • Louise Bourgeois
    Marie-Claire tells us about her favourite French artist.
  • Mice invasion
    Lisa and Paul are discussing options to get rid of Lisa's mice.
  • Moving house chores
    Sophie had so many chores to do before moving into her new apartment.
  • My car is a real beater!
    Yann's car has so many problems!
  • My chosen family
    Magalie found her own loving family.
  • My dream invention
    Sonia asks Sylvie what invention she'd dream to see becoming a reality.
  • My exotic Christmas
    Aline is remembering spending last Christmas in Marrakech, Morocco.
  • My first Easter memory
    Alexandre remembers the first time he went egg hunting.

C1: Advanced French writing exercises

  • 3 Culinary delights from French-speaking countries
    Find out about three dishes from French-speaking countries.
  • A bad matchmaker
    Sophie tells us about her failed attempt at matchmaking.
  • A couple's ups and downs
    Hélène explains how she and her partner managed to navigate out of a rough patch.
  • A difficult sibling relationship
    Yvan has always had a fraught relationship with his sister.
  • A dreadful teenager
    Philippe recalls his bad behaviour as a teenage boy.
  • A ghost story
    Hugo is visiting his mother on All Saints' Day.
  • A hard time at work
    Érica went through a rough time at work.
  • A horrible storm!
    Julien remembers spending a horrible night due to a violent storm.
  • A last minute request
    Isabelle's colleague keeps making her miserable...
  • A long-standing friendship
    Carole tells us about her long-standing relationship with her friend Aline.
  • A lovely car
    Find out about Michel's beloved 2CV car.
  • A lovely encounter
    On her daily walk, Audrey met a furry little friend in need of help...
  • A special Christmas in Switzerland
    Damien recalls a wonderful family Christmas holiday in Switzerland.
  • A sudden reappearance
    After years of disappearance, Olivia's friend is back.
  • Advice for new pet owners
    Laurent asks people for their advice on welcoming a new pet at home.
  • Alice and the Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland)
    Alice meets the mysterious Caterpillar in this adapted excerpt from "Alice in Wonderland"
  • An animal tale
    By a lovely winter morning, Henri the hare meets poorly Lili the rabbit.
  • An incredible trip on the Canal du Midi
    Patrice recalls his trip along the Canal du Midi.
  • An upcycling tutorial
    Find out a few ideas for your upcycling projets.
  • Anna's birthday party
    Clément discusses the organisation of his daughter's birthday party with his friend Charlotte.
  • At Uncle Robert's 70th birthday
    Laura catches up with her cousin Charlotte at a family event.
  • At the psychiatrist's
    Mme Dupont is talking to her psychiatrist.
  • At the ski resort
    Paul needs to get ski gear for himself and his family.
  • Back to School shopping
    Viviane and Christian try and get everything on their children's school supply list.
  • Bathroom chat
    Bruno and Sonia are having a chat in the bathroom.
  • Brest during World War II
    Alex is talking about WWII in Brest with his granddad.
  • Californian dream
    Olivia finally followed her dream to move to California.
  • Camping in the woods
    Nathalie enjoys camping in the middle of the woods.
  • Coco Chanel
    Learn about this extraordinary woman who became a fashion icon.
  • Complaining about a hotel room
    Gérard complains to the receptionist about the state of his hotel room.
  • Coping with the heatwave
    Emma asks how Simon and his pregnant girlfriend Christelle coped with the extreme heat.
  • Drôme provençale, a little piece of heaven
    Vincent tells us about this beautiful region in the South of France.
  • Engagement dinner's speech
    The bride's father thanks the guests for attending and announces the evening programme.
  • Engagement surprise
    Louise enjoys an unexpected visit at her engagement party.
  • Finding love at a yoga retreat
    Seniors Germaine and Pierrot didn't expect to fall in love at a yoga retreat.
  • Fireside memories
    Manuelle has warm memories of family times by the fireside.
  • First day back to school
    Sabrina tells us what she'll do on her children's first day back to school.
  • French Mobile Phone Habits
    We're taking a look at the importance of mobile phones in French people's lives.
  • Gardening weekend
    Jean-Pierre had a busy weekend taking care of his garden.
  • Gastronomical review
    Discover a mouthwatering review of a French restaurant.
  • Gluten-free living
    Alexandre tells us how he dealt with his newly discovered gluten allergy.
  • Gustave Moreau Museum
    Claire tells us about her fascination for 19th-century symbolist painter Gustave Moreau.
  • Holidaying in July
    July is a hard time to organise holiday [US: vacation] for, as Martine and Sam found out!
  • How to show your love?
    Marianne and her partner Adèle are making some changes to show their appreciation for each other more.
  • In the lives of the writers of French romance novels
    Discover what the life of a French writer of romance novels looks like.
  • Jean-Marc Vallée
    Nathan and Florence discuss the late Quebecois director Jean-Marc Vallée.
  • Johnny Hallyday, a French icon
    Paul and his mum talk about her favourite French singer, Johnny Hallyday.
  • La Petite France in Strasbourg
    Discover this unique area of Strasbourg, a UNESCO site and tourists' favourite.
  • Last-minute hesitations
    François is torn between his love for Marianne and his duty to the Duchess who he's about to marry.
  • Letter to Santa
    Timothée writes to Santa, hoping he's been good enough this year...

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