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Kwiziq is really excellent and I thoroughly enjoying using it. I am in France just now and am so much more confident in my ability to communicate; almost unrecognisable from a year ago!

- Iain Macleod

Now I'm really motivated to improve. This is a terrific way to track my progress!

- Robyn Page

The Kwiziq French programme was absolutely critical in getting me over the line in a B1 exam (admission to INSEAD). I found it ideal for preparing for written exams. I need to take an A2 proficiency exam sometime in Q1 next year on any language – availability of Kwiziq Spanish could be the deciding factor for me in choosing Spanish!! I think it's a fantastic platform. Happy to spread the word at the school this year.

- Alex McFaull

I love your site so much that I want to marry it and have its babies.

- Lindie Rachael

This is the best language learning site I've ever encountered and the only one I've spent cash on to enroll. Got my sister just as involved. We're hooked.

- Johanna Schwartz

I absolutely love this learning tool, it is so good and the lessons and quizzes are perfect for my learning style.

- Lisa Ingram

I enjoy the site very much and find I retain a lot more through this method that I was through duolingo etc.

- Kari Fenrich

I studied French years ago in college, but have not used it in years. I wanted to refresh my knowledge since my daughter is currently learning French in college with the hope of moving to France. I was amazed by how much I was able to learn in just one week after taking 60 short quizzes! Your Facebook posts and blogs are also outstanding! Keep up the good work.

- Marc Wooldridge

I am sorry to gush about Kwiziq, but my husband and my mother are sick of hearing about it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kwiziq! It is perfect for me - I have huge gaps because I am self-taught. My circumlocution abilities are excellent and I have a good accent but Kwiziq isn’t fooled. It finds my gaps and drills them, which is what I desperately need. Kwiziq placed me in B1 and I was in B2 within a day. I’m going back through starting at A0 and working up. With other programs, this is PAINFUL. Duolingo was slow and agonizing - a huge waste of my time. With Kwiziq, I can go through the lower levels painlessly because it breezes me through the things I already know.

- Lindie Rachael

I absolutely adore your website. I've been learning various languages for over six years and I can hands down say Kwiziq is "The One", the website that I've been waiting for which makes fluency seem not just possible but probable. Great job, you guys!

- Marmia Day

It's the simplest & clearest but most comprehensive explanation of grammar I have seen or been taught. And I first started learning 50 years ago!

- Judith Beales

Since I found this site, I almost never go anywhere else, and feel that I have really made progress with my French, even oral speaking. I do at least 5 tests a day, after a year I have just moved to C1. That is very exciting. The test taking really challenges you on what you really know and you get to practice it over and over again until you know it. This is an incredible learning tool and very cost-effective too.

- Diane ferrier

Kwiziq is a wonderful program. I've tried attending courses, immersion (while working), listening to tv and radio, but I never moved beyond A2. All these years, I actually had no idea what level I was at. This program placed me in a level, and this motivated me to complete sections to advance. The quick kwizzes every day are a great way to keep working on my french even when I'm busy - there's no excuse.

- Ann Montgomery

Kwiziq's AI, scoring and testing are excellent. The system has helped me to improve in areas that I had not previously either realised were problems, or did not know how to approach learning. I find it very useful to have a link in quizzes to the point that has been tested. I find the BrainMap a practical tool to understand visually where I am in learning French.

- Cati Vawda

The customized study plan and tests are the best I've found online. They inspire and motivate me as well as keep me accountable. Kwiziq is the next best thing to a traditional classroom.

- Candace McClellan

I have truly enjoyed the new site. It is excellent with great feedback and so far I have found it the best site on the internet for improving my French.

- Beatrice Sumithran

I love Kwiziq. I have noticed a big improvement in my French skills.

- Stewart Lucking

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you guys know how awesome I find your site and its content. I've only been using Kwiziq for a few weeks, but the progress I've achieved in this time is unreal. I am motivated, and am having fun every step of the way. Keep up the great work!

- Christopher Clarke

This process is a fantastic way to work through grammar and one I recommend to others regularly. Love the new assessment system. Thank you.

- Jane Quaye

I love, love, love your French site!

- Stella Brockington

I am absolutely loving your product. This is by far the best French grammar instruction I've ever received! Really excited about this! Twenty tests in, I can already see so much growth in my French. Please keep doing what you're doing!

- James Shepherd

I love, love, love the Brain Map... wow... what a great feedback/motivating tool. Excellent!! Merci beaucoup!!

- Anya Shrup

Of all the websites I have used to help with my French, your website is hands down the best!

- karen stiles

I love the site and I've learned so much more than when I had a personal teacher. Because I live in France and can speak French fairly confidently, I was amazed when I discovered I had so much to learn at beginner and lower intermediate levels!! I didn't realise I had so many gaps.

- Beverley Robinson

I have been searching far and wide for a French tool, having studied at a French Institute somewhat intensely for 2 years continuously (levels 101 through 301), and then the past 2 trying to self-study but never being able to find something that worked. I've tried workbooks, Frantastique, French Pod, DuoLingo, 7 jours.... the list goes on. I haven't "felt" progression with these by much. In contrast, I have been using Kwiziq for only a couple of days, and I am amazed by how much it has solidified skills and my confidence in the language. Merci beaucoup!

- Amber Hsiao

Hi, I love your software, I truly do. I was wondering if you do any other languages too? I would literally start learning a language if it could be taught in the same "adaptive testing" framework you currently offer.

- Derek Wan

I just signed up for a year because this system really works for me. Keep up the great work!

- Christopher Johnson

I have been studying French for years and up until now I've never found a website that is truly helpful for studying grammar. I just love the Kwiziq French Test site. This has been so helpful for filling in the 'holes' in my grammar knowledge. Excellent site!

- Jean Brubeck

Thanks for the wonderful tool to help me in my quest to master French!

- Jennifer Schilke

Your service has been great and helped my pass my Canadian government job exam!

- Colin Suderman

Eh bien, I just wanted to say that your site is terrific. So clever, so quick, so focussed, so addictive! The most powerful thing for me is that your system quickly tracks down the million little things I do not know - and then fixes me up. I always need to repeat things over and over, and this system is perfect for that. Bien joué, et grâce à vous j'améliore mon français hilarant rapidement. Cheers, Einar

- Einar Vikingur

Gosh, I love Kwiziq! I really like the occasionally quirky humor in the Kwizzes. Sometimes French practice materials are tedious but with Kwiziq you stumble onto something about Frodo or werewolves, or something sad or funny or unexpected - it's great!  

- Hadrian DeMaioribus

I get so much more from this training than I got from Rosetta Stone, that I quit my subscription with them. Thank you!

- Don Griffee

Thank you for this online French course! It's the best help I've had.

- Cheryl Nebauer

l'm amazed by the incredible content and presentation. I saw your test and thought l would give it a go. I am delighted with the results, it's as l hoped. I will be using the site frequently, l think it's fantastically helpful. This is just what l needed!

- Bob Martin

I think Kwiziq is fabulous! It's clever in how it reframes tests to put a problem area in different way. I love it!

- trevor wheeler

Just to say how very much I enjoy Kwiziq. I find the tests very searching and the explanations very good. I try and try until I get 10/10 and come off feeling I have been through the wringer! I am so glad I signed up for the programme. It is a brilliant educational tool.

- Anne Brown

This is an absolutely fabulous way of learning French grammar. I studied French to A-level fifty years ago and although I have had some face to face lessons subsequently the emphasis has been on conversation rather than grammar. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I could grasp points of grammar that had I had either forgotten or never understood even by just working through a few exercises! Congratulations on an excellent website. I am sure this is the way to teach modern languages.

- David Powell

I took many tests and think it really helped immensely, increasing my understanding and retention of verbs in past tenses. Thank you again - a really great product.

- Thomas Shoemaker

Merci beaucoup pour ton reponse rapide!    I really do love your program and look forward to getting back to it on an in-depth basis in November.  I found that using it helped me advance much more quickly in speaking French, because it forced me to output 'information' and not just take it in.    Thank you for creating and offering such a useful tool for all us francaphonie wanna-bees.  ;)

- Theresa-Marie Ellender

Just want to say thanks for providing a great course. The tests and quizzes make it an exceptionally good way to make progress. I also appreciate the way you answer personal questions. Oops. Just realized I could have written this entire paragraph in French! Guess I'm making progress.

- John Cooper

Thanks for your fantastic work. I believe this is the best online learning tool yet.

- Celia Lachance

This is exactly what I've been looking for the past two years.  I'm so tired of trying to figure out what I "don't" know and now I've found the perfect system. I can see steady progress in my French's future. I love it!

- Christopher Johnson

I love your site… I've made more progress in resurrecting my French than years of just wandering around on the Internet. Thank you so much.

- Robin Pennock

I want to thank you for your work and Kwiziq. I use it and my girlfriend does too. We recently took our TCF exams in France to validate our French diplomas.  Your website helped me to get a higher grade than was expecting before I used Kwiziq and my girlfriend scored even higher. Thank you again.

- Oleh Fedkevych

I've said before that the more I use the site, the better I like it - and at the price charged, it's an absolute bargain. I wish you every success.

- Melody Siegler

This is really an amazing website. I'll tell my friends about it.  Really, thanks a lot!

- Muhammad ar

I've found it is very good and I know it's helping to improve my grammar. It's also very addictive!

- John Bowles

I have been studying french for 2 years… I have taken formal classes, listened to tapes, bought workbooks, subscribed to emails and visited countless websites. I have finally found something that keeps me engaged PLUS I am learning. I have a busy schedule (like everyone) so this fits in perfectly. I can tailor my learning to fit the time I have available ... many times I find I am spending more time than anticipated… Great Job!!

- Nancy Radoslovich

There are many language learning sites - I think your site has filled a much needed gap, particularly for people studying independently, as I am. Your site has saved me a lot of time. I am looking forward to your Spanish site.

- Gail T

I think this is an awesome system! I love it and you guys rock!
Thank you so very much!!  

- Karen Talmon

I am so impressed with your company and your commitment to excellence! Thank you for all you are doing to make this website a fabulous place to learn French. I've learned so much already and am looking forward to continuing with you.

- Laurie Shorter

Thank you so much, I really appreciate this very personal service. I think this is a wonderful service and it has energised me to follow up on my areas of weakness.

- Christine Sheffield

I just wanted to say that I find your site absolutely brilliant! What an amazing way to revise and find out my weaknesses. This is a fantastic help. THANK YOU!!

- Tessa Deriziotis

I’ve been a big fan of learning the French language whilst spending as little money as possible, so far. I use Duolingo and Anki’s spaced repletion flashcards. However, within a very short time I could see the incredible value of your site. I'm more than happy to show you my support and get a two year subscription. Forgive me, but if asked, I would be happy to say that to me, Kwiziq is the crack cocaine of French language learning! Thank you for your help!

- Andy Normansell

OMG that is such a wonderful service. I am very grateful and will study those well. Kwiziq got it right!

- Ann Sloper

I love your site. It's well done, easy to understand the concepts, and above all learning is made a pleasure.

- John Paul

I'm not even sure how I came across your site but after an hour on it it dawned on me that this was what I'd been searching for for a long while. I've tried other sites but your site is pretty much bang on. I just wish I'd found it earlier. The ability to self-test and then have explanations as to why you're wrong is essential, not only as a yardstick as to how you're doing but if you're doing it right the kudos and confidence that follows because you now 'get it'. Nice one!

- Stuart Braid

I was so pleased to have found your site after trying Lingvist and Duolingo. They're okay but they don't cover any grammar.  I really like your system's clever progress path through grammar and verbs - it makes learning so much more efficient. I've progressed far more quickly with Kwiziq.  As my old science teacher used to say, "There is nothing more practical than a good theory." I'm a fan!

- Martin O'malley

I love Kwiziq. It's so addictive. I find myself staying up until I get all the answers right and then I can go to bed happy. The tests pinpoint my errors very accurately!! The explanations and lessons with audio are great - very succinct.

- Pauline Collings

I started to teach myself French last year after an absence of 31 yrs and Kwiziq has made so much difference to my learning. The other sites I've tried just don't go into the same depth. Thank you. It's really been invaluable.

- Helen Thompson

I'm very impressed with the amount of work that you've put into Kwiziq. I've learned a lot of French from taking your tests that I did not previously know even though I've completed four different, excellent, and fairly comprehensive beginner/intermediate courses.

- Chris Fisanick

Congratulations on your site and the Kwiziq learning system! It is fantastic!

- Leandro Malloy-diniz

Kwiziq helped me to get an unconditional offer for a languages degree at university. Thank you! Your site is an excellent resource. It gave me new confidence and helped me rediscover my love of languages.

- Paula Aston
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