Learning Speed Survey

A few months ago, we asked active Kwiziq users a single question, and the results speak for themselves:

Survey results

We also left a space for comments and got some great ones:

“A brilliant method to revise, reinforce and progress in language learning.” – Anne R.

“I can say unequivocally that Kwiziq is a fantastic tool – one that I will stay with for a long time. Learning is most efficient when we use many strands and Kwiziq fills up all the gaps. It is also founded on repetition and for languages that is unbeatable.” – Einar V.

“I had been plodding along for years with no improvement now I feel I have learnt so much more in a short time. Thank-you.” – Susan G.

“I can clearly see improvements in grammar that I was not previously making. I use Kwiziq as an adjunct to French conversation classes and I find myself speaking more fluently and with more confidence.” – Mira G.

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Laura K Lawless

Laura is a French expert and Kwiziq's Head of Quality Control. Online educator since '99, Laura is passionate about language, travel, and cooking. She's American by birth and a permanent ex-pat by choice - freelancing made it possible for her to travel extensively and live in several countries before settling permanently in Guadeloupe. Laura is the author of Lawless French, Lawless Spanish, and other websites and books on French, Spanish, Italian, English, and vegetarianism. She spends most of her spare time reading, playing with food, and enjoying water sports.