New Partnership between Kwiziq & LanguaTalk


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    1. About Kwiziq and LanguaTalk
    2. How will this partnership benefit you?
    3. How do I complement my learning with LanguaTalk?


We are excited to announce our new partnership with LanguaTalk. This is one we think you’ll love!

Kwiziq and LanguaTalk are joining forces to offer you the best language learning experience and help you find your fluent.

About Kwiziq and LanguaTalk

As you know, Kwiziq gives you a personalised Study Plan with the right lessons based on your current level. The more kwizzes you take, the faster your Study Plan evolves with you to help you reach your French learning goals.

LanguaTalk, on the other hand, connects you with professional, native-speaking tutors for 1-on-1 French practice sessions. LanguaTalk’s tutors are experienced in giving classes that focus on improving speaking skills. You can even choose the topics if you wish, focusing on what interests you and covering vocabulary that you’ll actually use in your daily life.

You can choose from dozens of tutors and instantly see those who have availability when you want to take classes.

How will this partnership benefit you?

Together, our goal is to offer you a well-rounded approach to language learning, covering the four main skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking; and combining cutting-edge technology and human interaction to help you achieve fluency.

One of the things our users have been asking for is a way to practise their speaking skills, and that’s exactly what LanguaTalk will help you do. The best way to build up your confidence and also to get expert feedback on your pronunciation is to take regular lessons with a native French tutor. They’ll make you feel comfortable and help you master those sounds and words that you have trouble with.

One time, a kwizzer (Kwiziq user) told us they were put in a position where they had to speak in a different language for their job. They said, “I found out that I could speak, but there was a wall between me and speaking Spanish, and this wall was a lack of confidence.”

So now you know, there’s no secret formula to gain confidence in speaking French, you just have to get talking and practise as much as you can.

How do I complement my learning with LanguaTalk?

You can effectively master grammar, test your knowledge and practise your reading, writing and listening skills in Kwiziq, but there’s no way to evaluate your pronunciation and improve your speaking skills.

By using both Kwiziq and LanguaTalk, you’ll be able to practise your foundations and keep progressing to the next CEFR levels, while also gaining the confidence required to find your fluent French!

LanguaTalk offers new students a free trial session, which allows you to make sure you’ve made the right choice before deciding to take lessons. 90% of tutors offer a trial for free, whilst some charge a small fee. See their online French tutors here.

We are thrilled to be working together and look forward to helping our users reach their French learning goals!






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Simon Potter

An Australian-born nerd with a love of coffee, technology, and language learning, Simon co-founded Kwiziq with Gareth after having a pretty good go at three languages (Indonesian, Arabic, and Spanish) and experiencing the pain that "intermediate" and above users tend to encounter after the first year of confusion and enthusiasm have passed.

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This is interesting news, but I am not sure what about this relationship with LanguaTalk is called a "partnership". As a premium Kwiziq member, is there any kind of discount, special rate, or other incentive that would help me choose LanguaTalk for in-person language practice over another provider of this service?
Thanks in advance for your answer!

Is there any kind of discount or other incentive for KwizIQ premier members to use LanguaTalk?