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Language learning tip #3

Listen to French soundsIf you’re a complete beginner, one of the best things you can do to jumpstart your language learning journey is spend some time absorbing the sounds of the language. To begin with, just listen without actually trying to understand anything.

This will help to embed these unfamiliar sounds in your brain and allow you gain a certain familiarity with them. That way, when you dive into active learning, the strange sounds aren’t so strange any more, which makes it easier to concentrate on meaning.

Even if you’ve already been learning casually for a while, you can probably still benefit from this technique. It’s never a bad idea to listen to the new language, as long as you’re able to do so without getting distracted because you’re worrying about trying to understand every word.

After a while, you might find yourself mimicking these sounds, babbling like a baby. It might feel silly, but that brings us to another language learning tip.

French listening links

Learning French

When you are ready to start actively learning, take a look at the beginning lessons on our Education Partners’ sites:

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