Verbes d'état

These verbs describe a state the subject of the sentence is in; what comes after these verbs always refers to their subject


être To be
Devenir To become
Paraître To appear
Sembler To seem
Avoir l'air To look
Rester To stay
Demeurer To remain



Kwiziq community member

29 March 2019

1 reply

What about s'agir? I have come across it a few times in a context that sounds like être


Kwiziq community member

3 April 2019


S'agir means to be a matter of or to be about (something)

Il s'agit de = it's a matter of, it's about 

You could replace it with c'est or even c'est a' propos de in many cases, though not all. But s'agir could be used when you want to be more precise about your subject. 

It's essentially interchangeable with c'est une question de, meaning it's a question of

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