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Shopping - quantity

A selection of terms to express quantities in the context of shopping.


La pièce Each
La moitié Half
Le litre The litre
Le kilo The kilo
Une douzaine A dozen
Une tranche A slice
Un morceau A piece
Peser To weigh
Le poids The weight
La balance Scale

Q&A Forum 1 question, 2 answers

DavidC1Kwiziq community member

Does la pièce really mean each? How do you use it?

Asked 9 months ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi David,

In the context of shopping you will encounter the word  pièce meaning each when it is priced per unit rather than weight .

Often seen on market stalls - 

Melon €6 pièce 

Hope this helps!

ChrisC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

It's like "a piece" in English: 6 Euros a piece.

Does la pièce really mean each? How do you use it?

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