Bad habits

Talk about bad habits you used to have and still have or not, using imperfect and present


Alors que Whereas
Mais But
Toujours Still
Ne ... pas encore Not yet
Fumer To smoke
Boire de l'alcool To drink alcohol
Une cigarette A cigarette
Un cigare A cigar
Manger To eat
Trop Too (much)
Beaucoup A lot
Par jour Per day
Essayer de To try to
Arrêter To stop
Avant Before
Maintenant Now
Aujourd'hui Today
La drogue Drugs
Un joueur compulsif A gambler
Jouer de l'argent To gamble



Kwiziq community member

4 March 2019

1 reply

Toujours... translated as still ? Is that correct, i thought it was always


Kwiziq language super star

5 March 2019


Hi Elaine, 

Toujours can mean still and always depending on context...

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