My favourite winter drink

"Ma boisson d'hiver préférée"
French A1 writing exercise

Find out what Coline's favourite winter drink is!

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to be cold outside", "a long walk", "to drink", "nice (drink)", "a hot chocolate", "a recipe", "first", "or", "a chocolate square", "then", "to heat [something]", "a saucepan", "to add [something]", "a piece of", "to stir", "to melt", "at the end", "cinnamon", "delicious".

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When it is cold outside or after a long walk, I love to drink a nice hot chocolate. My grandmother's recipe is my favourite! First, she takes four or five chocolate squares. Then, she heats some milk in a saucepan. She adds the pieces of chocolate to the warm milk and she stirs slowly. I love watching while the chocolate melts! At the end, she adds some cinnamon. It is really delicious!

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