Long distance relationships

"Les relations longue distance"
French C1 writing exercise

Here's some advice on how to keep your long distance relation working.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "[one's] other half", "far from [doing]", "a piece of advice", "a beloved", "to keep the flame alive", "to keep [people] apart", "to have faith in", "to make plans for the future", "to picture [oneself] with", "beyond", "might have to consider", "not meant to [do]", "one way or another", "in the long run", "to make sure that...", "to sustain [someone] (feelings)".

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Your other half lives hundreds of kilometres away from you or even in another country? Know that you're far from being alone in this situation! Here's a little compilation of a few pieces of practical advice so that you and your beloved can keep the flame alive despite the geographical distance that keeps you apart. First of all, it's essential that you have faith in your relationship, by making plans for the future together for example. If you can't picture yourself with that person beyond the current situation, you might have to consider that the relationship isn't meant to last. Then, it's important that you often express your love one way or another. Whether it is by sending them little gifts and sweet messages, or by talking to them as often as possible, communication is the key to making your relationship stronger in the long run. Finally, make sure that your reunions are memorable and passionate, so that they sustain you until the next time!

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