direct and indirect pronouns

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30 March 2016

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direct and indirect pronouns

If in a sentence, there are a few pronouns, then how can we put them? ex : J'ai quelquels choses importantes à te dire dans mon bureau. so I should write " je les ai à t'y dire." is it right? I find out it's weird. so please, correct it for me. thanks in advance.

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30 March 2016



First, we have to correct the original French sentence.

You can't say "quelques choses" - it's either quelque chose (singular) or des choses (plural).

Second, since there are two verbs, you have to figure out which pronouns go with each verb. Quelque chose / des choses go with avoir, so le (to replace quelque chose) or en (to replace des choses) goes in front of ai. Te and y (to replace dans mon bureau) go with dire.

So the sentence with all the pronouns is either Je l'ai à t'y dire or J'en ai à t'y dire, but honestly, they both sound pretty weird. I would just keep quelque chose / des choses as a noun.

ly fen

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31 March 2016


Thanks Laura. I understand what you mean, but I often confuse, if there are several pronouns for replacing in a sentence. have a nice week.

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