I am afraid that we got there too late.


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9 March 2017

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I am afraid that we got there too late.

I translated this as: "J'ai peur que nous soyons y arrivés trop tard." In particular, I used "y" to account for the original "there" in the English version. Alas, it was counted wrong, the correct answer given without the "y". To avoid confusion, I suggest the English sentence be given as: "I am afraid that we arrived too late." This leaves no doubt what you are looking for.

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10 March 2017


Bonjour Claus ! The fact is that in French, when you use the verb "arriver" to express "to get there", you don't add the locative "y", similarly to "to arrive" in English. But I do agree with your suggestion and changed the English in the question accordingly :) Merci beaucoup et à bientôt ! PS: To report on specific questions, please use the "Report it" button in your Correction Board, as it gives us a direct link to the reported question, and saves us time looking for it :)

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