French comics

French comicsOne way to keep your French studies interesting is to have some fun, and what better way to do that than by reading comics? Whether online or off, there are many great French comics for students of all levels to help you laugh your way to better French.

Web comics

Boulet Corp – The life of a cartoonist, in the form of a comic strip.

Coby Clébard – Follow the adventures of a dog and his menagerie of friends. Also available in English: Coby Cur.

Elftor – Outrageous and potentially offensive. Also available in English: Elftor.

Language Comics – Interactive comic written especially for French learners.

Lapin – Funny and absurd, for advanced French speakers. Also available in English: Rabbit.

Mélancholie quotidienne – Themes about love and hate, translated from English: Everyday Blues.

Ninja blanc – A very un-ninja-like ninja who does good deeds.

xkcd – Clever, sarcastic, and sometimes very funny indeed. Translated from English: xkcd.

More French web comics

La Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image

Comic books

If you have access to a librairie, bibliothèque, or médiathèque (bookstore, library, or multi-media library), you can buy or borrow many other great French comic strips, including such beloved classics as

  • Astérix – Gauls v Romans, in 50 B.C.
  • Becassine – Housemaid and nanny in early 20th-century Bretagne.
  • Blake et Mortimer – Mystery and espionage, plus a touch of sci-fi.
  • Boule et Bill – The adventures of a typical French family.
  • Gaston Lagaffe – The gaffe-filled life of a lazy employee.
  • Lucky Luke – French comic set in the US Old West.
  • Les schtroumpfs – You may already know these little blue characters as "Smurfs."
  • Spirou and Fantasio – Two intrepid journalists explore the world.
  • TinTin – 20th-century reporter and his dog.
  • Titeuf – The mysteries and delights of growing up.

French vocabulary related to comics

More French reading resources

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