French reading links

French reading linksReading in a foreign language is an excellent way to learn new vocabulary, get used to different grammatical structures, familiarize yourself with the culture(s) in which the language is spoken, and even learn about a favorite topic in a new way.

The Kwiziq blog offers a variety of bilingual articles which include not only an (initially hidden) English translation, but also links to lessons on the French grammar used in each sentence: Bilingual Reader.

General French reading materials

French comics – Laugh your way to better French.

French magazines online – Wide variety of magazines from France and other French-speaking countries.

French newspapers online – Links to national and regional French newspapers and news sites.

Livres pour tous – Thousands of free, non-DRM French ebooks.

French blogs and topical sites

Le Blog d’Hervé Bizeul – Reflections of a vigneron in Vingrau (le Roussillon).

Le blogue culture – News about books, movies, music, and more.

Blogues Agence Science-Presse – Science in the news.

Le cybercarnet du FLE – Behind the scenes at RFI’s French teaching department.

Le journal du geek – The latest news related to every aspect of geek culture.

Langue sauce piquante – Linguistic blog from Le Monde‘s proofreaders

One Thing in a French Day – Thrice-weekly blog posts (with text and audio) about a French woman and her family

Retour au CM1 ! – Ever-growing collection of fautes spotted in the wild

The Conversation France – Collection of articles on topics ranging from culture to education to tech

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The four basic language skills

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Hi how r u I think I have quite high level of French as studied it for many years and lived there for two Yeats but I've forgotten quite a lot what's the best way to improve again

Bonjour Paul,

The best way to improve is to sign up for an account at Once you've taken our CEFR placement test, our A.I. will create a personalized studyplan for you, to help you remember and improve as efficiently as possible. Bon courage!

I am very excited to have a way of keeping my French active through your site, however i do not have anyone to speak to what is the best way to improve my spoken french and how do i keep it active?

Bonjour Lola,

Please take a look at these tips for finding people to speak to, no matter where you live: