La semaine des Martin

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French listening and
reading practice: A2*

Article about a busy week of activities for the Martin family. After listening to the audio, scroll down for the bilingual reader, where you can click any French phrase for the English translation and related grammar lessons.

Click any word in the text to see its translation and related grammar lessons.

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Dans l'histoire Les semaine de Martin, est-ce qu'on peut dire «Vendredi soir Lucie Martin est allée voir un film en plein air.»?

Bonjour Connie !

Oui bien sûr !
Just like in English, you can either say "She's been to see / She went to see" meaning the same :)

Bonne journée !


Would you please explain the phrase Lucie Martin a été voir ... Why is the passé composé of Être used with voir to translate went to see?
Thank you.

Bonjour M !

In French, just like in English, you can sometimes use "être" and "aller" interchangeably to talk about somewhere you've been/gone :

I've been to the shops. / I went to the shops. -> J'ai été aux magasins / Je suis allé aux magasins.

The literal translation here would indeed be "Lucie has been to see a concert" :)

Bonne journée !

this was very informative to me. it helped me understand some of the words better.

Bonjour Henry !

Je suis ravie que vous trouviez ce texte utile :)

Bonne journée !