Tutoyer or Vouvoyer? That is the question...

Ever been confused as to when you should use ‘tu’ and when you should ‘vous’? Or wondered if you’ve known someone long enough to be able to start addressing them as ‘tu’ but don’t want to cause offence? It may seem a complete minefield.

Well, there’s no need to be bewildered any longer. One of our French experts, Cécile, has delved into the intricacies of the subject in this fascinating article and shares some golden rules.

You’ll find out what you should say to your in-laws, who should ask permission first and what applies in various social and professional situations. You’ll even learn the correct form of address in a hold-up on screen!

So sit back, read on and make sure you never make a faux pas again!

Tutoyer or Vouvoyer? That is the question…

Author info

Cécile Janty-Davies

Cécile is one of the Kwiziq French language experts. Born in Versailles, France, she has been living in the UK since the late 60s where she developed an extensive career as a successful language teacher of adults, mainly in the business world. She brings her 40-year expertise to answering questions in the Q&A Forum and creating content for Kwiziq. Cécile is a passionate linguist, an avid reader, and has an insatiable desire for learning new things. Her interests are varied and include cooking, the creative arts, Pilates, and Candy Crush Saga!