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List of common French reverse slang (verlan) words

Get Native with a selection of everyday common French reverse slang (verlan) terms!

French vocabulary

le verlan (l'envers) reverse slang
une meuf (une femme) woman/chick (reverse slang)
vénère (énervé.e) angry/annoyed (reverse slang)
ouf (fou) crazy/great (reverse slang)
la teuf (la fête) party (reverse slang)
relou (lourd.e) annoying (reverse slang)
chelou (louche) dodgy/shady (reverse slang)
à donf (à fond) all the way/totally/super loud (reverse slang)
teubé (bête) stupid (reverse slang)
un keuf (un flic) cop (reverse slang)
pécho (choper) to make out (reverse slang) - vulgar
cheum (moche) ugly (reverse slang)
un iench (chien) dog (reverse slang)