Vocabulaire - La justice

Useful French vocabulary related to the judiciary


La justice Justice
Le Droit Law (discipline)
Porter plainte To report (a crime)
Un tribunal A tribunal
Un procès A trial
Une loi A law
Un avocat A lawyer (m)
Une avocate A lawyer (f)
Défendre To defend
Accuser To accuse
Un/une juge A judge
Un jury A jury
Un juré A member of the jury (m)
Une jurée A member of the jury (f)
Juger To judge
Un témoin A witness
Témoigner To testify
Un témoignage A testimony
Poursuivre quelqu'un en justice To sue someone
Un verdict A verdict
Juste Fair
Injuste Unfair
Condamner To sentence
Coupable Guilty
Acquitter To acquit
Non coupable Not guilty
Faire appel To appeal


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