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List of verbs followed by the preposition de and an infinitive in French - 1

Useful list of French verbs + de + [infinitive]

French vocabulary

Attendre de [faire] to wait to [do]
Cesser de [faire] To stop [doing]
Convenir de [faire] To agree [to do]
Craindre de [faire] To fear [doing]
Empêcher de [faire] To prevent [from doing]
Éviter de [faire] to avoid [doing]
Faire semblant de [faire] To pretend [to do]
Manquer de [faire] To fail [to do]
Persuader de [faire] To persuade [to do]
Prier de [faire] To kindly request that [someone do]
Regretter de [faire] To regret [doing]
Risquer de [faire] To be likely [to do]
S'arrêter de [faire] To stop [doing]
S'efforcer de [faire] To strive to [do]
Se garder de [faire] To refrain from [doing]
Tâcher de [faire] To try to [do]
Tenter de [faire] To attempt to [do]