Going abroad

Talk about countries you go to and your choice of transport


Pendant les grandes vacances During the summer holidays
À Pâques At Easter
À Noël At Christmas
Pendant les vacances During the holidays
Parce que Because
C'est It is
Prendre To take
La France France
Bon marché Cheap
Rapide Fast
En car By coach
En bus By bus
En taxi By taxi
L'Espagne Spain
En bateau By boat
En vélo By bicycle
L'Italie Italy
à pied On foot
L'Allemagne Germany
En train By train
Les États-Unis USA
En avion By plane
Le Pays de Galles Wales
L'Irlande Ireland
Cher Expensive
L'Écosse Scotland
Confortable Comfortable
L'Angleterre England


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