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List of numbers 70 to 99 in French

A useful French vocabulary list of numbers 70 to 99

French vocabulary

soixante-dix seventy
soixante et onze seventy-one
soixante-douze seventy-two
soixante-treize seventy-three
soixante-quatorze seventy-four
soixante-quinze seventy-five
soixante-seize seventy-six
soixante-dix-sept seventy-seven
soixante-dix-huit seventy-eight
soixante-dix-neuf seventy-nine
quatre-vingts eighty
quatre-vingt-un eighty-one
quatre-vingt-deux eighty-two
quatre-vingt-trois eighty-three
quatre-vingt-quatre eighty-four
quatre-vingt-cinq eighty-five
quatre-vingt-six eighty-six
quatre-vingt-sept eighty-seven
quatre-vingt-huit eighty-eight
quatre-vingt-neuf eighty-nine
quatre-vingt-dix ninety
quatre-vingt-onze ninety-one
quatre-vingt-douze ninety-two
quatre-vingt-treize ninety-three
quatre-vingt-quatorze ninety-four
quatre-vingt-quinze ninety-five
quatre-vingt-seize ninety-six
quatre-vingt-dix-sept ninety-seven
quatre-vingt-dix-huit ninety-eight
quatre-vingt-dix-neuf ninety-nine
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