Numbers 70 to 99

The numbers 70 to 99 in French.


Soixante-dix Seventy
Soixante et onze Seventy-one
Soixante-douze Seventy-two
Soixante-treize Seventy-three
Soixante-quatorze Seventy-four
Soixante-quinze Seventy-five
Soixante-seize Seventy-six
Soixante-dix-sept Seventy-seven
Soixante-dix-huit Seventy-eight
Soixante-dix-neuf Seventy-nine
Quatre-vingt Eighty
Quatre-vingt-un Eighty-one
Quatre-vingt-deux Eighty-two
Quatre-vingt-trois Eighty-three
Quatre-vingt-quatre Eighty-four
Quatre-vingt-cinq Eighty-five
Quatre-vingt-six Eighty-six
Quatre-vingt-sept Eighty-seven
Quatre-vingt-huit Eighty-eight
Quatre-vingt-neuf Eighty-nine
Quatre-vingt-dix Ninety
Quatre-vingt-onze Ninety-one
Quatre-vingt-douze Ninety-two
Quatre-vingt-treize Ninety-three
Quatre-vingt-quatorze Ninety-four
Quatre-vingt-quinze Ninety-five
Quatre-vingt-seize Ninety-six
Quatre-vingt-dix-sept Ninety-seven
Quatre-vingt-dix-huit Ninety-eight
Quatre-vingt-dix-neuf Ninety-nine

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