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How to take the best portrait photos

"Comment faire les meilleurs portraits photos"
French C1 writing exercise

Sylvie gives Jacques some tips to improve his portrait photos.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to revolutionise", "to photograph", "to set one's focus on (photography)", "to enhance (accentuate)", "eye contact", "all the more", "to adjust", "lens aperture (photography)", "background (photography)", "to draw the eye to", "when the opportunity arises".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into French

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- I don't think I'll ever be able to take a perfect portrait photo. After spending months trying, I'm ready to give up. - Don't say that! You know, I used to be just like you until my photography teacher gave me some tips that completely revolutionised the way I photograph. For example, you must always set your focus on the eyes of your subject. Personally, I love how this technique enhances eye contact between the subject and viewer, which makes the picture all the more powerful. You should also adjust your lens aperture so that your background becomes blurred, which really draws the eye to your portrait subject. - Thank you very much for all these useful tips! I'll try them as soon as the opportunity arises.

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