How to make a cake
French writing exercise

Comment faire un gâteau
Brigitte is going to make a cake today.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"first (adv.)", "eggs", "flour", "sugar", "cocoa powder", "to mix (cooking)", "an ingredient", "a bowl", "to pour", "a mix (cake)", "a cake tin [US: pan]", "in the oven".

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Today, I'm going to make a cake. First, I'm going to go to the supermarket in order to buy (some) eggs, (some) flour, (some) sugar, and (some) cocoa powder. Then, in my kitchen, I'm going to mix the ingredients in a big bowl, and I'm going to pour the mix into a cake tin [US: pan]. Forty minutes in the oven, and voilà! A delicious chocolate cake!

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