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My dream invention
French writing exercise

Sonia asks Sylvie what invention she'd dream to see becoming a reality.

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What invention would you dream of seeing become a reality? Sylvie, 28, network administrator: "If only I could teleport myself, it would spare me arriving late to work every day! Look, just yesterday, I wasted forty minutes in traffic, and I missed the beginning of an important meeting. With teleportation, I'd go out of my house, and voilà! I'd already be at the office! To go on holiday [US: vacation] also, it would be great, even though I would miss admiring the landscape! Moreover, we'd need far fewer means of transportation, which could only be beneficial to the environment! However, I prefer that scientists take their time and perform all the necessary tests before this technology is made available to the general public. I've seen David Cronenberg's "The Fly", and it's better to be safe than sorry! "

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