Nostalgia: pros and cons
French writing exercise

La nostalgie : le pour et le contre

Noémie and Alain discuss the pros and cons of nostalgia.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"to deride", "a concept", "to wallow in bad memories", "to find comfort", "to benefit", "greatly", "to focus on", "to bond with people", "within (family)", "to prevent [someone] from [doing]", "to move on", "to evolve".

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- Although many people seem to use nostalgia to criticise or deride the present, I don't believe that it is necessarily a negative concept. Indeed, while it isn't healthy to wallow in sad memories, one can find comfort in remembering the good moments. In some cases, our mental health can benefit greatly when we choose to focus on positive emotions. - I agree, I think that reminiscing about nice shared memories can also be a good way of bonding with people, within one's family or within one's community. However, it shouldn't prevent us from moving on and evolving nor be something that stops us in life.

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