My life as a locavore

"Ma vie de locavore"
French C1 writing exercise

Sophie explains why she decided to become a locavore.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "locavorism", "a neologism", "a suffix", "within a X radius", "sustainable development", "rewarding", "pesticide-free", "packaging fees", "fruit and veg", "a search engine", "to locate", "mushroom-picking", "a production surplus", "to turn out to be", "constraining".

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Locavorism is a neologism which combines the word "local" and the suffix "vore" as in "carnivore", and it describes a way of life in which one consumes exclusively locally-produced food, that is, ideally within a 250-km radius from where one lives. I became a locavore mainly to contribute to sustainable development, but I didn't expect this way of life to be so rewarding. I love the fact that I can support local producers and farmers and that my products are more often organic and pesticide-free, without it necessarily costing me more money, for I'm saving on packaging fees and other transport costs. I've also recently joined an online locavore platform on which professionals and amateurs can buy or sell local fruit and veg. Moreover, its search engine helps you locate producers close to your home, mushroom-picking places as well as production surpluses. In the end, being a locavore turned out to be much less constraining than I had imagined.

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