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Corsican polyphonic singing

"Le chant polyphonique corse"
French B1 writing exercise

Do you know about this bewitchingly melodic tradition from Corsica?

Listen to Corsican band I Muvrini here

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Corsica/Corsican", "a stay (somewhere)", "polyphonic singing", "to combine", "a voice", "a melody", "in the Western world", "in the Middle Ages", "origins", "the only two...", "Mediterranean Sea", "lyrics", "everyday (adj.)", "to recommend [to someone]", "a discovery".

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During my stay in Corsica last summer, I discovered polyphonic singing, which combines several voices that sing different melodies at the same time. In the Western world, this form of singing was born in the Middle Ages, and finds its origins in religious music. Corsica and Sardinia are the only two islands of the Mediterranean Sea where they practise polyphonic singing. I really liked the lyrics which talk about everyday life on the island. To listen to Corsican music for the first time, I would recommend (to you) the very famous band I Muvrini. What a fabulous discovery!

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