Cycling in Nantes

"Faire du vélo à Nantes"
French B1 writing exercise

Isabelle agrees with Nantes's status as France's "cycling capital".

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to see on the news", "according to a study", "cycling (adj.)", "to use [something]", "an electric scooter", "surroundings", "a trail (circuit)", "to take [someone] [somewhere]", "to draw a line", "on the ground", "an alleyway", "a hidden treasure", "to renew", "every time we...".

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When I saw on the news that, according to a study, Nantes was France's best cycling city, I wasn't at all surprised. Indeed, almost everyone (that) I know here uses a bike or an electric scooter to go to work. There are many options to explore Nantes and its surroundings by bike, which I do most weekends with my partner Théo. One of our favourite trails is the fantastic "Voyage à Nantes" which takes you, along a green line drawn on the ground, through Nantes's streets and alleyways to discover the city's main monuments and hidden treasures. And as they renew the "voyage" every summer, we learn new things every time we do it!

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