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Une belle-mère envahissante

"An interfering mother-in-law"
French B2 dictation exercise

Find out why Gilles is not happy with his mother-in-law.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "non seulement...mais en plus", "s'inviter chez [quelqu'un]", "sous le moindre prétexte", "avoir l'air de", "se rendre compte de", "être protecteur.rice", "un divorce d'avec [quelqu'un]", "arranger les choses", "mis.e de côté", "profiter de [quelqu'un]", "peut-être que...", "tous les deux", "s'entendre bien".

I'll play you French speech in sections for you to transcribe

  • Start by listening to the whole piece then hit start
  • Play each section and write down what you hear
  • I'll show you correct answers after each for you to mark yourself
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