At the sporting goods store
French writing exercise

Au magasin de sport

Alain is buying tennis equipment for his son.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"to take lessons", "a racket (tennis)", "an outfit", "the right size (clothes)", "a pair of trainers [US: sneakers]", "a model (shoes)", "in + [colour]", "to check".

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- Hello! May I help you? - Hello! My son is going to take tennis lessons this year, so he needs a racket and an outfit. - Very good. How old is he? - He's nine, but he's quite tall for his age. - If it's not the right size, you can always come back. - Yes, you're right. I like that pair of trainers [US: sneakers], but he doesn't like green. Do you have this model in blue? - I'll check.

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