British National Museums

"Les musées nationaux britanniques"
French B2 writing exercise

National museums are free in the UK, as Paul happily found out.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "the UK", "a cashier", "to notice [something]", "full of", "a donation box", "an entrance fee", "to help with [something]", "the upkeep", "to do something on a whim", "for hours on end", "to wish that [something]".

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Did you know that museums are free in the UK? Indeed, the first time I visited the National Gallery in London, it took me a few minutes to realise there was no cashier! I had also noticed these intriguing boxes full of bank notes which, I discovered [it] later, were donation boxes. As you don't pay an entrance fee, you are encouraged to give whatever you feel like to help with the upkeep of the museum. What a genius idea! As a result, people can decide to go [there] on a whim, and no one ever feels compelled to stay for hours on end as they know they can come back as many times as they want. I really wish that other countries could follow this example!

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