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16 June 2017

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Brain Map for Premium Users

Brain Map is not responsive to gestures in revealing more information (other than color codes) when used on an iPad with most current iOS with Safari as the browser. Thank you in advance as the feature is quite extraordinary if it will provide detailed analysis as the tutorial demonstrates. PS Are there plans to release kwiziq as an app (currently available only in a browser) and a "native speaker" segment as used in some other language apps?


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19 June 2017


Salut Duke - thanks for letting us know, we're looking into the issue. We do hope to release an app at some point, however it's not something I can give a timeframe on. If you have specific feature requests though, by all means write in with details of any suggestions. We love hearing more about what you'd like to help you learn faster. Best wishes, Gruff


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22 June 2017


Thank you for your prompt response. Kwiziq has taught and explained aspects of French grammar to me in a few weeks that were never touched on in high school French - or even other current apps. As mentioned above, video recordings of native speakers (such as used in Memrise) and voice responses that are analyzed for pronunciation would be very helpful. Continue the great work and thank you again.

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