Conjugate faire in le passé simple

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26 October 2017

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Conjugate faire in le passé simple

So in working a C1 kwiz, this question arose: «Ce jour-là, tu me fis le plus beau cadeau. (That day, you gave me the most beautiful gift.) HINT: Use le Passé Simple of 'faire'» The translation is shown: «you gave me. . . » ---> while I understand the lesson was on «faire» in the passé simple, it seems that the translation would be along these lines: --> That day, you MADE me the most beautiful gift. Is there a use of «faire» that means «give or gave»? Merci en avance.


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31 October 2017


"faire un cadeau" can mean to make a gift, but it is also an idiomatic expression that can mean to give a gift. Faire has many idomatic expressions and multiple ways to translate within these. Think of weather expressions. We translate "Il fait beau" as "it is nice / beautiful out," not as "it makes beautiful."

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