I have just signed up to learn French from scratch, but...


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1 July 2018

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I have just signed up to learn French from scratch, but...

After taking the initial test, naturally, my level is entry level. However, the suggested lessons consist of things I have no idea about. I don't even know the French pronouns to begin with! How is it suggesting things like using La, Le, etc. 

I'm not very encouraged to upgrade the plan if that's the case. 

Would you mind clarifying this issue?



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2 July 2018


Hi Yaman,

I am not a member of the kwiziq team, so I don't know about the algorithm which selects lessons for you. Are you saying that the lessons suggested, and I am talking about the lessons, not the tests, are over the top of your head? That they don't start at a point where you can connect?

-- Chris.


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3 July 2018


Hi Yaman - firstly, thanks for signing up. Kwiziq is designed specifically to help post-beginners who already know at least the basics of the language and are comfortable with grammar so I'd say if you're starting from scratch then we're not (yet) for you.

There are loads of wonderful online resources and apps for beginners that will get you started and once you're past all the basics you can come back to us and we'll help you get the rest of the way!

Best of luck, Gruff

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