Mes amis, auxquels j'écris, viennent me voir bientôt.

Mes amis, auxquels j'écris, viennent me voir bientôt.

Asked 8 years ago
Please see previous response.
I deeply and sincerely apologise if you believed this was spam. It was a basic technical computer error on my end and once again am very sorry if I caused any trouble. My actual question was posted at almost at exactly the same time as the technical glitch and I would greatly appreciate if you could reply to that. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Bonsoir Peuma, I, for one, did not think it to be spam. I have seen this before from others who have posted and it has also happened to me when I posted a question as well as when I have posted a reply. In fact, I did reply to your other post and then found this post. I do agree with your assessment that it was a technical glitch. Another glitch that I have found is that when I have replied to a question and touch submit, my reply double-posted. Best regards, Bonne chance.

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Let me take a look at that...