Revision Kwizzes


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21 December 2016

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Revision Kwizzes

I really like the format of the site and how you see progress through tests. However I am concerned that stuff that I have learnt earlier in a section is not going to stay with me for ever. Does the site and the lessons presented cater in any way for revising and reinforcing previously learnt sections? Thanks, Richard.


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21 December 2016


Hi Richard - great question. Yes, Kwiziq will take you through each level and make you go back over lessons. You should aim to get your bronze shield for a level as a first step and then in going for silver you'll be revising the material again. We encourage people to go back and get their foundations solid and you can work across the levels you choose to. If you earn gold in each level you will really have proven to the system that you have mastered and retained everything. Bonne chance!

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