Using Tu and Vous to express three types of you in French (French Subject Pronouns)

In French there are two words for you but they cover three distinct cases.

Learn when to use "tu" or "vous" in French

Tu as faim?Are you hungry?

Vous avez faim? Are you hungry?

Vous avez faim?Are you hungry?

Two singular "you"s

- Tu is used to address someone informally: a friend, a relative or someone close.

- Vous is used to address someone formally: someone older, a superior at work, or just someone you don't know well.

One plural "you"

Vous is also used to address (formally or informally) two or more people.

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Examples and resources

To ask your children, Jean et Aurélie, if they're hungry

Vous avez faim?Are you hungry?

To ask your friend, Michel, if he's hungry

Tu as faim?Are you hungry?

To ask your manager, M. Dupont, if he's hungry

Vous avez faim? Are you hungry?
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