The new Q&A forum

We’re excited to announce that our new Q&A forum is here!

As with any discussion forum where you can post language-related questions, our intention for the Q&A is to give you the opportunity to discuss language points that come up in the lessons and get feedback from fellow students, language experts and our content creators, as appropriate. Although the explanation notes accompanying a lesson give you further explanation as to why a certain answer was marked correct or incorrect, the Q&A is designed to give you a chance to post related questions so that other users can pitch in with their thoughts and find out if there’s been some discussion around it. 

Similarly to posting a question on any discussion forum, you can find out if a particular question was important to know in order to progress, or not.

Using our new Q&A now gives you even greater opportunity to connect with other users, find answers to regularly asked questions and even follow new questions, so that you’re notified of responses, including for questions posted by others.

Here’s a top 5 of all of the fantastic new things you can do: 

1 – ‘Like’ answers

‘Like’ an answer to a question, so that other people can see which responses were most helpful

2 – ‘Follow’ question threads

‘Follow’ the thread of someone else’s question, to be notified when a response to it has been posted

3 – ‘Share’ links

‘Share’ the link to a question, to invite someone else to take a look, or to build your own list of links to questions with useful responses relevant to your own personal study goals

4 – See your questions

Click on your own name to see a list of all the recent questions you have asked

5 – See levels

See the level of the person who posted a question to know if they are an expert, or if they are studying at the same level as you, which gives you a better understanding about the circumstances behind the question and who’s answering it.

Take a look for yourself, and improve your own learning from the wealth of answered questions on the forum. Or answer a question for someone else, to share what you’ve learnt here already!

French Q&A forum

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Rowen McCarthy

Ever since watching the Spanish-learning segments on Sesame Street as a kid, Rowen loved foreign languages. She studied German and French at school, learnt enough Spanish to travel around Andalusia at the age of 20 and moved to Prague for three years and learnt Czech. Rowen acted in German in a Danish TV drama series, released a single with a video shot in Prague, and took a course in creative writing in French alongside native speakers. Now London-based, she loves escaping on the Eurostar to Paris to read Jacques Prévert poems and write her own whenever she can.